Welcome to SmokyEye.com

Welcome to SmokyEye.com, where I make it possible to get that perfect smokey eyes effect using my Smoky Eye make up kit and some easy to follow, step-by-step smokey eye application instructions.

If you have ever flipped through fashion magazines and noticed women wearing smokey eyes makeup and wondered just how to get that perfect smokey eye makeup look, I have got the solution for you. I have developed a fail-proof way for you to get the smoldering smokey eyes look right at home.

There is no need to purchase several different make up products and tools to get that fabulous seductive smokey eye look at home. After many questions from friends and family about how to apply smokey eye makeup, I came up with the perfect Smoky Eye makeup kit and a set of step -by-step smokey eyes application guidelines that are guaranteed to help you get the sexy smokey eye look you desire every time.

There are a lot of expensive make up manufacturers out there who want you to buy five or six different makeup products to get the smokey eyes look. However, all these products will do is cost you a lot of money to get something I offer in one affordable Smoky Eyes kit. I have hand picked every shimmery eyeshadow colour for day or night, designed a dual ended brush, selected a specially formulated mascara for thickening your lashes and a smooth liquid eyeliner to define those eyes!, all carefully selected and packed into a convenient Smoky Eye make-up kit!

This fantastic and complete Smoky Eye make up kit contains absolutely everything in it that you need to get the smokey eye effect perfect each and every time you apply it. I make my Smoky Eyes application kits so easy to use and apply you will be amazed at how simple it is to get the look you want without a lot of time, trouble or money spent.

Let my sexy Smoky Eye kits provide you with the ability to get the perfect smokey eyes look using my smoky eye make up and guidelines, and never leave the house again without that smoldering smokey eye look for day or night.